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Things I'm Loving in January

There is something I love about January. Maybe it's the newness and excitement a new year brings. Or maybe it's that most of the craziness that happen around the holidays has died down. Or maybe its just that I love the cold and January brings the hope of snow (which is pretty rare where I live).

Back in the summer, I started listening to podcasts on a regular basis. This may sound dramatic, but podcasts have saved my life the past few months. Listening to women speak openly and vulnerably about hard stuff and really made me question if I'm doing the same with others in my life. One podcast I listen to, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, ends each podcasts with 3 things the guest is loving and what they are reading. In hopes to revitalize my blog, I thought I would start writing about this every month.

Things I'm Loving
1. Wireless Headphones

These little guys have changed my life!!! I have only used the ones that just come with my iphone (because I'm cheap),but in Octobe…

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