Things I'm Loving 

1. My classroom

School is back in full swing! Although this is my fourth year, it is my first year in my own classroom. When thinking about how I wanted my classroom to look and feel, I knew I wanted my kids to feel safe. Teaching at a title one school, many of my students have chaotic home lives. I wanted my classroom to feel like a calm safe place where they can learn. I chose the colors blue and green to build my classroom around and I think it came together so well. 

2. Lavender Essential Oil

I'm pretty new to the whole oil thing. I mostly just diffuse oils, but recently I've discovered my new favorite thing. I have started rubbing 2 drops of lavender oil on the tips of my hair after showers. It smells amazing and it has made my hair look so healthy. Since I shower at night, the lavender relaxes me and gets my mind ready for bed. 

3. Instant Pot

I got Thomas an Instant Pot for his birthday. It has been great! We are still newbie at it, but it's an easy way to make chicken breast you need for a bigger meal. We also made a wonderful beef stew that was great too. Next up is mac and cheese! What's your favorite Instant Pot recipe?

What I'm Reading

I've been hooked on thrillers recently. 

1. Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

This is a fascinating story about two sisters who dealt with their sister's disappearance in very different ways. 15 years later, Claire's husband is murdered and the sisters get reconnected. There were multiple times I got goose bumps while reading this story.

2. Behind her Eyes by Sara Pinborough

Honestly, this book took me forever to get into. This story was wild and I really have no words. When I thought I finally figured the story out, a twist would happen. Not my favorite read, but I did enjoy the twists and turns throughout.

What is your favorite thriller read?