Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher,

I saw you tonight eating dinner with your family. 

I also saw how you hugged the little girl who came up to the table in the middle of your dinner.

I saw how you spoke to her dad, who worked at the restaurant, bragging how well she had done on a test that week. 

I saw how you allowed her to hang out as your family finished dinner. You engaged in conversation with her-telling her about your family and your hobbies.

I saw how much you cared and loved her. 

I saw her eyes sparkle as you bragged on her. 

I saw her proudly get you a to-go cup because of how much she loves you. 

You left school today--after a long day of teaching, planning, dealing with student behavior, attending staff meetings--wanting to eat dinner and spend time with your family, yet we all know that teachers never really clock out.

Thank you for loving the children in the community. 

Thank you for believing in them.

Thank you for sacrificing your personal time to engage conversations---to make children feel loved, important and cared for.

Thank you for inspiring me tonight.

You are the very best of us.