Before and After

Since getting married in April, Thomas and I have been trying to make "my" home into "our" home. It's been a lot more challenging than I originally thought. I have lived on my own since graduating college (2 years ago) and Thomas has lived with a variety of roommates in the past 4 years. So as you can imagine, we have both collected different things that we love and want to fit into our home. 

We decided that Thomas would move into my duplex in Anderson. I moved into a bigger unit last fall for this purpose. So, of course, I had mostly everything place and the way I liked it before Thomas even moved in. However, I quickly realized that we would have to make room for all of Thomas' things as well. 

So when he moved in, we both purged. We had a lot of knick-knacks and clothes that we just didn't need anymore. So we headed to Goodwill. I also knew that we needed a bigger kitchen table. I had been using my Granddad's desk, however, it was much too small when friends came over for dinner. I wanted to find something bigger. I looked for MONTHS. I looked at Goodwill, ReHabitat store, Facebook yard sale groups, OfferUp, etc. But nothing. 

About a month ago, Thomas and I went up to Charlotte to visit my family. That weekend, we went to IKEA. Thomas had never been, and we needed a new entertainment stand. And would you be surprised if I told you we bought way more than an entertainment stand? Oops. 

(Before picture)

But one of the things we bought was a new kitchen table!! It was the perfect size and came unfinished. That excited me because it meant that we could put our own personal stamp on it. So we got home, put it together and actually decided it was best to move the table into our living room. Sounds crazy, but it makes more sense with the layout of our home. It took me weeks to figure out what I wanted to do with the table. I wanted to paint it white and Thomas wanted to stain it dark. So we decided to compromise, a dark top with white legs. 

We had plans to paint/stain earlier this week, but the weather had other plans. So last night, we were finally able to complete our project. I think it turned out pretty well. Because of the lack of space, we push the table against the wall, unless guests are coming over for dinner or game night. We also have a bench and a chair we bring in from the guest bedroom. It's really coming together! Now I just need to figure out what to  do with that blank wall.

Next, I'll share the sofa table that Thomas and I made with a piece from the arbor we got married under. And yes, I will share about my second year of teaching...I'm still trying to recooperate :)