I wish you could be a fly...

I wish that it was possible for different profession to observe others in another field, for like a week. I don't think a day is enough time.  I say this because I would love to see what a doctor's or lawyer's or baker's daily routine looks like. I think its intriguing the different professions that people choose. But if I'm honest, a majority of my reasoning is because I would love for outsiders to observe what happens inside an average elementary school's walls. But, I don't want you to come into the classroom and sit in the back of the class though...I'd rather you be a fly on the wall. This is so the kids won't even know you're there and they will act the way they normally do (aka crazy.....I'm kidding...well, kinda :))

I say this because I really don't think that people understand all that happens inside these beloved schools where children (perhaps your personal children) learn the basis of everything they need to know in life.

I wish that you could observe all the ways a teacher has to multitask. Yes, let me just answer a question about your homework, find a band-aid for another student, send in lunch count and attendance, help a student clean up the water they spilled, call a parent about the field trip, address a discipline issue, and ya know, well, TEACH!!

I wish that you could see the amount of times a teacher has to stop a lesson in order to correct behavior or refocus the students.

I wish you could see the eye rolls and hear the amount of talking back that happens on a daily (hourly?) basis. 

I wish you could see the pages of standards teachers have to teach students in ONE YEAR. Don't forget about those students they got who weren't on grade-level....they still have to learn what everyone else is learning..(yeah, okay).

I wish that you could hear how many times a teacher says "walk in the hallway," "keep your hands off the wall," "take that out of your mouth" in a single day. You'd think teachers were broken records. 

I wish you could come in early (an hour!!) before school starts to see how many children flood the cafeteria in order to eat breakfast.

I wish that you could stay late and see teachers grading papers, writing lesson plans, creating bulletin boards, and re-arranging their rooms so Johnny and Susie and Martha and Tommy don't have to sit next to each other.

But do you know why I really want you to visit a school?

I want you to hear how the students cheer on their classmates.

I want you to see the hugs and kisses given each morning and afternoon.

I want you to see the light bulb moment a student has when he finally gets it.

I want you to hear the jokes the kids tell so you can laugh til your belly hurts.

I want you to to be able to experience the learning in a whole new light. I promise it's different from when you were a kid!

I want you to see how much heart and soul the teacher pours, not just into their lessons, but where it really matters...the students. 

I want you to see how much love is shown every single day.

I want you to see the passion that teacher bring to work with them every day.

I completely and totally understand that people have been called to different professions. Obviously, we need those who want to be doctors, electricians, chefs, plumbers, garbage men, and teachers. The world wouldn't be able to function without a variety of people. I just wish that people could look inside my world and see what teachers deal with each and every day. I promise you that one day inside a classroom could change your whole perspective on teachers (even if its a good perspective). I definitely don't know all that nurses, engineers, and mechanics do during the day. So why do so many people assume to know what happens inside a classroom. Is it just because they've been through the educational system before? Because trust me, there's so much more to school when you are actually a teacher, rather than the student.

I would encourage you, if you have the job flexibility, to volunteer at your local school. There are so many kids who needs to be mentor. There are kids who need to be read to.  There are papers to be copied. There are children who would love to throw the football with you. Bonus points if you bring the teachers doughnuts ;)