Why Don't I Deserve a Million Dollars?

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE the Panthers. I bleed black and blue. My Sunday afternoons in the fall are dedicated to football. I am still so proud of the season we had this year. I love that we were able to make it all the way to Super Bowl 50 (even though it was rigged).

But today, I'm ticked.

In the past days, I've seen lots of news articles like this one from ESPN

Charles Johnson shows big heart with decision to re-sign with Panthers

If you don't follow football, let me explain. Basically the Panthers fired a player, who had played with them for 9 years. He wasn't ready to be done with football though, so he looked elsewhere. Well at the end of the day, he decided Charlotte was home and took a pay cut to return to the team he loves.

Great story...right?

Instead of making around $7 million a year, he signed a deal for $3 million for 1 year.

"Such sacrifice"

"What a big heart"


Blah, blah, blah, blahblah.....

I'm hopping on my soapbox for just one moment.

It is absolute ridiculous how highly we hold our athletes and celebrities. Big whoop, Charles Johnson takes a pay cut to stay with the team he loves. His salary for next year is more than the staff at my school will earn this year.

So what if you can throw a football? So what if you can have the most tackles? So what if you catch every football thrown your way? So what if you can make every free throw shot? So what if you hit home runs every game? So what? So what?!

Why do you deserve millions of dollars??

Really...tell me. I would love to know...

I teach for a living. And there's nothing else I would rather be doing. But tell me why I don't deserve a million dollars. Sure, I'm not on TV, but I entertain children for 7 hours a day. I teach them basic skills. I  wipe tears and snotty noses. I counsel students who are having family or friend problems. I kiss boo-boos. I open yogurt and call parents. Some weeks, I work 60 hours. Some weeks, I work 3 side jobs. I don't get paid over time. I don't get paid a million dollar...let alone 3 million.

Having a "big heart" being "dedicated" and "sacrifice" are not the exception..they are the rule. You cannot be a teacher without being dedicated and sacrificing. You HAVE to have a big heart to be a teacher. Getting paid 3 million dollars does not make me or my co-workers those things.

Let me get this straight...I'm not asking for a million dollars. I don't want a million dollars. I'm want a change in our education system. I'm want a change for our world. I understand that it's a crazy dream...I do. There's absolutely no way I can change the system...but I'm going to try.

The day stop worshiping athletes for their amazing tackles and free throw shots and start applauding *normal* people for being good citizens and working hard is the day our kids will win.