New Life Stage

I'm back :)

I've been meaning to write this blog post for forever. But life has just been so busy. I feel like in the moments I do have time, I am too tired to even think straight. But I wanted to somewhat keep people up to date with my life.

If you don't know what's going on in my's a short synopsis.

I graduated in May with my elementary education degree and a certification in special education. Honestly, I have no plan to use my certification for special education, but of course, that's the position most schools have trouble filling. In June, I received a phone call from a principal in the Anderson area. She wanted me for a special ed position. I had said no to many other special ed interviews, but this one felt different. I drove down to Anderson and went to the interview. And from the very beginning, it just felt right. The group of administrators who interviewed me were so friendly and encouraging. I returned the next day for a tour of the school and accepted the job right on the spot. My job is specifically working with students with learning disabilities. I work with students in kindergarten and in second grade. They are the sweetest and cutest kids (I know, I am bias). These students are in the general education classroom. I go into their rooms twice a day and work with them in reading, writing and math. It is so fun.

I started work about a month ago and let me tell you...people weren't joking when they told me that teachers had A LOT of meetings. It felt like the first two weeks of my job was meeting after meeting after meeting. Most of the meetings were good, being a brand new teacher and new to a district, I had a lot of learn. But I was most excited for the students to return. And seriously, it has been the best. There is seriously not a cuter group of students than the ones that go to my school. When I walk down the hall, I get so many smiles, waves and hugs. It just fills my heart with so much joy.

If you are reading this as a college student, I want to tell you a couple things....

1. Nothing really prepares you for the real world...especially if you're an education major. Yes, student teaching taught me SO much. But teaching is SO different when you ARE the teacher. I have a great support team, but I am the one lots of people look to for answers. And guess what...I don't have all the answers. I have stayed at school to prepare for one day's worth of lessons for 3 hours after the school day ended. It's a lot of work, but it really is SO worth it.

2. The real world really isn't as bad a people make it out to be. Yes, I have bills to pay. Yes, I have to get up early every morning. Yes, I have to cook dinner for myself. Yes, I  have to start paying back student loans soon. BUT, I get to do what I love every single day. As a teacher, I do put in  A LOT of work at school. I stay late basically every day. But when I get home, I am home. There is no homework. There are no tests. It is awesome.

Everyone keeps telling me that one day, its all going to hit me. I am going to get overwhelmed and life will seem like it is just too much to even bear. And I 100% believe that. I know that life isn't always going to be fine and dandy. I know that hard days are coming. I know that loneliness is slowly creeping into my life. I am not naive. But I also know that I have a Lord who has consistently been faithful to me. I know He isn't going to let me down. He provided me with a job. He provided me with a place to live. He provided me with such a supportive staff to work with. He provided me with a church community. He has taken care of me. I know that hard days are coming, but I am holding fast onto the hope that He takes care of His children. The Lord is faithful. He sees me through every mountain peak and every valley. I hope that you trust in that today.

I can't wait to tell you more about my job and the fun tales that come alongside it! I definitely won't be updating as much, but I will try my hardest :)