"I lost everything."

The phrase I have repeated over and over again in the past 22 hours. Last night, I found out that my hard drive was corrupt. After hours of trying to recover my documents from the past year and a half, the guy at Apple told me there was nothing else we could do. My documents are gone forever.

"I lost everything."

Of course, I cried. All my hard work, especially from this semester, is gone. I couldn't sleep last night because I remembered the huge project that is due Monday. I have to start from scratch.

Today, I went and visited a tech shop, in a last ditch effort. They were no help, as I expected. As I was driving back to school, I drove past the dorms of Stringer. For those of you who are not AU students, there was a tragic car accident there about 10 days ago. Three people died. In that moment, Jesus brought me to my knees. Not literally because I was driving, but you know.

I have not lost everything.

I am still living and breathing. I still have a home. I still have my friends. I still have my family. I still have a working computer. I still have my portfolio online (PRAISE GOD). I still have a car. I still have Jesus.

While my school work may be all gone, the more important things in life are still here. The thing that really matter. My family. My friends. My home. And Jesus. In a couple years, am I really going to need that one paper I wrote? Will I really need that fake science plan? No.

So today hasn't been the absolute best. But you know what? I'm still here and Jesus is still Lord. And at the end of the day, that is enough for me.