Being a Teacher....

I just want to take a minute to address the myth of

"Those who can, do. And those who can't, teach."

 I cannot tell you how many times I have told people that I'm an education major just for them to scoff and say, "well better brush up on your coloring skills then."

That's hilarious. Like wow. Have you ever thought about stand up comedy?!?!

And I'm not going to sit here and pretend that being an elementary education major is just as hard as majoring in biology or mathematics. Because I know that I could never be a doctor. I could never be an engineer. And I am SO thankful that there are people who want to be that! That is so incredible that God blessed you with the ability to understand human cells and tissues and organs.

But I'm so tired of people laughing at me and my education friends because they think we have it soooo easy. That all we do is finger paint and dress up and sing songs. I, along with my fellow education friends, have the responsibility of educating the future of America.

In case you forgot, elementary school is were you learned the very foundations of everything you know right now. Reading this blog right now? Yepp, couldn't do that without the help of your first grade teacher. Actually understanding this blog?! Again, an elementary teacher. Have you taken a calculus, physics, geometry, algebra class? Pretty sure you wouldn't know those skills without learning how to add, subtract, multiply or divide, which again, is taught in elementary school.

Lawyers, neurosurgeons, journalists, businessmen and bankers would not be making those nice six digit numbers without the foundations they learned in elementary school.

Just imagine for one minute being put into a class with as many as 30 kids. And not 30 well behaved children. Yes, there will be some of those, but also some kids who aren't afraid to throw a punch. Children with all different learning abilities-some children who can barely read and some children who's reading ability is two grade levels higher. There will are children who come to school hungry and children who do not have a place to go when they leave school. Then mix in a couple students who have severe physical disabilities. So please tell me how you would not only keep 30 children's attention for 8 hours 5 days a week, but also teach them reading, spelling, mathematics, science, social studies, study skills, and important values. And THEN also have all of them pass the state standardized test they are required to take several times a year.

Also, let me break down this myth for you,

"Oh, but you get PAID holiday vacation. You get a summer and Christmas break every year. Must be nice."

LOL. 1. Teachers get paid 180 days. This means that their 9 month paycheck is divided into 12 months. So no, teachers do not get paid for the summer. Many teachers actually have two jobs during the school year and even get summer jobs just to make ends meet. 2. Teachers work WAY more than 180 days. Teachers don't get paid for in-service days or the workshops they attend during the school year. They don't get paid overtime, and let me tell you, THEY DO WORK OVERTIME. Grades, hall way decorations, and festivals don't just do themselves.

So, obviously, teachers don't teach for the money. Which is a good thing, because just like I said before, we all have different talents, and just like many of you would not want me to be your doctor, I would not want you to be my child's teacher.

All of this to say is, being an elementary teacher is not just music and teaching children how to color in between the lines. And maybe it's not so much even teaching students about the foundations of the every single standard required by law (but by golly I will try my best!). Being a teacher requires heart. Being a teacher is a lot of work. Being a teacher means loving children that are SO HARD TO LOVE. Being a teacher means saying hard thing to parents about their children. Being a teacher means working with other teacher and principals in order to provide the best education of every single student in the classroom. Being a teacher is giving little pieces of your heart to every student. Being a teacher means that you have to get children excited to learn. Being a teacher means that you get to see the lightbulbs go off in students' heads when they finally understand a concept. Being a teacher sometimes means cleaning up vomit. Being a teacher means that you have so much responsibility, but not nearly enough respect.

So please, before you scoff at me when you ask what I'm planning on doing for a living, just remember, one day I may be your kid's teacher...and trust me, teachers have an excellent memory.

Here are a couple resources that speak more to the subject (Buzzfeed, very prestigious, I know)

If you still don't believe the hard work that goes into teaching, please give me a call and I will happily provide you with an AU lesson plan template that you can complete!


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