Reflections on Summer 2014

Well seeing that I've been in classes for a week now, I am accepting that summer is over (cue the tears). I have started my senior year of college (cue more tears). I honestly cannot believe it.  Yesterday, I started filling out my graduation application. I swear it was just yesterday that I was pulling into AU to move in for my freshman year. Time flies.

But anyways, I thought it was finally time to debrief on my summer.  This summer was probably the best summer I've had. If you've read any of my previous blog post, you know I didn't spend it traveling around Europe, being a camp counselor, or even spending it with my family. I worked the whole summer. I logged 40+ hour weeks and honestly I have no regrets. I loved all three of the jobs I had. And I loved that I got to spend time in Anderson with my roommates.

But tonight, I thought I'd talk to you about what I learned this summer.

1. I learned A LOT about humility.
I took a waitressing job at a local restaurant. I had never been a waitress. I had never worked in the restaurant industry before. And let me tell you, it humbles you. I had no clue was I was stepping into the first day I got there. I was no prepared for the customers I would have and the people I would work with. I caught on pretty fast, but there were still time that I had to ask for help. And I hate that. I like being independent and doing things on my own. Asking for help is a sign of weakness to me. But I'm not always right. I do mess up. And I had to have someone come alongside me to help me make things right. If you ever want to get a dose of humility, just get a job waiting tables. It will change your perspective on a lot of things.

2. Be nice to everyone.
I am a natural people pleaser. I like people to like me. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, but more often than not, it works out for the best. Its probably not news to you, but when you are nice to people, they are more likely to be nice back. You cover someone's shift, they'll cover yours. You run someone's food,  they'll run yours. Etc, etc, etc. But honestly, just be nice to people. Even if you get nothing in return. Just a smile, small gesture or kind word can make someone's day.

3. Jesus truly is all I need.
I did say this was the best summer I've had, but it was also one of the hardest. I truly learned what it's like to only have Christ. There were some days and nights that were tough and I truly felt that Jesus was the only one by my side. And that's okay. I have leaned into Christ so hard and it has been SO fruitful. He is good. Always. He is present. Always (even when we feel the loneliest). He taught me so much during this time, and He continues to do so.

4. Grace//Forgiveness
People make mistakes. People hurt people. People are selfish. I make mistakes. I hurt people. I am selfish. We are all lovers of sin. Jesus taught me all of this during the the past few months. It was not a fun lesson to learn, but a necessary one. I was constantly having to remind myself of that grace and forgiveness that Jesus has shown me in my twenty-one years of life. Who am I to hold a grudge against a fellow brother or sister, when I know all that Christ has done for me? I'm not going to sit here say that it's easy, because it's really, really, really hard. But Jesus never said it was easy. Thankfully, point 3 comes in handy here. I don't have to do it alone. Jesus is always there. So I am leaning into Him.

I truly hope that each one of y'all had a wonderful summer. I have loved getting to hear about the exciting trips all my friends have taken. Jesus is so good. He works overseas, across the country and even right here at home. Best of luck to each of you during the school year! Start strong. We got this!