Summer Lovin'

It's hard to believe that we're more than halfway through June. This summer has been so wonderful and I can't believe that it's halfway over. I'm trying not to focus on that too much though :) I've been working a lot, but the past several weekends have been filled with excitement.

Anna Harper graduated high school May 31st. It's hard to believe that the baby is done with high school. She is still about 9 in my mind. I'm sure that my parents can't believe it either. She's taking year off, working and figuring out what she wants to do.

Last weekend my best friend from high school got married. I was lucky enough to get to be in the wedding. I had so much fun! It was my first time being a bridesmaid and I'm looking forward to doing it several more time. Jessie was such a beautiful bride. It's hard to believe she is married, but I am so happy for both her and Daniel. 

I don't really have any other fun things planned this summer, but maybe that's just what I need. I've been learning that the most fun things happy spur of the moment. I'm loving living in Anderson with my roommates. I'm hoping for many more adventures! Hope that yall's summer is going as well as mine is :)