Long time no talk! I was doing so well for a while, but then there were suddenly no more snow days and the work piled up!
Honestly, this semester, or really this whole year, has been the most fun. I have been so blessed with some of the best friends to make wonderful memories with. That's not to say that there haven't been hard time. There have. I'm still in college so work piles up, test have to be studied for, the kitchen has to be cleaned. It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, but I have been really blessed.

Spring Break was a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to head down to Charleston with Adrionna. She's from there so we got to stay with her family. It was really relaxing, but we also go to go on some fun excursions.

After Spring Break, classes have been full force. I have been working so hard and getting a lot accomplished. I finally started going to my classroom in the beginning of March. I'm with 4th graders in a school in Greenville. It's been really great. I really enjoy the school and the kids. This week is actually my last week so I'm sad, but also relieved to get that out of the way!

Last weekend was swing night for RUF. It gave us a good excuse to dress up and look pretty. Also, I love dancing, so that was a blast. Look how beautiful my roommates are :) 

Last week I registered for my SENIOR year of COLLEGE. HOW?!? It's my last semester of actual classes because I will be student teaching in the Spring. I cannot believe it. I can remember junior prom like it was last night. I don't like it! The countdown is currently on for summer! Less than a month of classes and exams. It's exciting but also nerve wrecking thinking of all the things I have to get accomplished in this short amount of time. 

It has been a beautiful day today! The rest of this week is suppose to be in the high 70s and maybe even 80s. I'm so excited to welcome the warm weather!!!

Solo Deo Gloria,