End of 2013

As I start out most my blog post,
Long time, no talk!
The last month of school is always crazy. From teaching lessons to final papers to finals, I had absolutely no time to write. While there was a lot of school work in the last month of school, there was also lots of fun!
Maggie came and visited for the weekend!

One of my friend's family invited us to his house for the weekend

CDS Homecoming!

We threw a cookie swap before Christmas break

Merry Christmas from the Rosser girls!

Finals ended and I stayed in Anderson for a couple days before returning home to Charlotte. The beginning of break was filled with babysitting but now it's calmed down and I've enjoyed having nothing to do! But I am starting to get a little bit of cabin fever. I'm excited to return to Anderson in a week and start the second semester of my junior year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you the best in 2014! May you accomplish all your dreams and achieve all the happiness in the world!

Until 2014,