Jesus is Enough

Yesterday after church I went to lunch with one of my dear friends here at school. She constantly points me to Christ in every conversation and she keeps my head on straight. I am super thankful for her.
Yesterday, over lunch, we were talking about our lives, in particular, boys. I told her how so many of my conversations and thoughts have been about boys recently. For those of y'all who do not know, I have had a tough time in that department this year. I won't go into detail, but I've been pretty screwed over.
And quite frankly, it has sucked.
But Jesus has taught me so much through this time of singleness. I have probably posted something about this, but its always a great reminder. I have realized how much my worth does not come from boys. My beauty, worth, and value does not come from what boys talk to me or buy me coffee or hang out with me. But so often, I think that it does. And to some degree, I feel like every girl thinks this way.
But it's such a twisted truth. Our worth comes from Jesus Christ, the one who bled and died on our behalf. Jesus will never, ever, ever wake up one day and just decide that He isn't going to love you any more. He is never going to let you go. He's never going to walk away. NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what you do or don't do. He is always going to be there. I have been through some pretty dark times recently and through it all I can truly say that Jesus was with me the whole time. Maybe it wasn't as clear or evident as I wished, but looking back, I can see his work and love in my life.
Currently I'm living in a culture where all of my friends seem to be getting engaged or married or even having babies (WHAT). I constantly compare myself to them and ask myself what I'm doing wrong. Why am I not in a relationship? Why am I not picking out my engagement ring? Why am I not currently planning my wedding? Ridiculous questions really, I am only 21 years old. I have the rest of my life to be married. Like I can hardly take care of myself after a long day. Ain't no way I could come home and make food for a spouse and clean the house and do homework. But kudos to those that do.
Anyways, during this whole year I've had to continually remind myself of this truth: Jesus is enough. I'm going to fail tests. I'm going to have fights with my roommates and family. I'm going to go have people in my life die. I'm going to have my heart broken again. I'm going to go through hard times and struggles. But through everything, Jesus is enough. He is more than enough.
My small group leader once said,

"If Jesus did nothing else besides save you, would that be enough?"

And that gets me thinking. I don't deserve anything from Jesus. I don't even deserve to be sitting here typing this. Jesus saved me and forgave me from all my sins. Past, present and future. But if that's all Jesus did for me, would that be enough?
If I didn't have any friends, a car, a place to stay, a significant other, would Jesus really be enough?
Honestly, in my life, no.
I need Him to be.
I need Jesus to be the center of my life.
But it's so much easier said than done.
Please pray for me as I start to truly start believing this truth, that Jesus really is enough.
I hope that you ask yourself this in your own life.
Jesus is enough.

Soli Deo Gloria