Life as of Oct. 12th

I don't update as much as I should, but I'm trying to live in the moment and soak it all in. I only have a year and a half of college left and I don't want to spend it typing up blog post. So I'm planning on updating every once in a while.
Junior year has been so, so great! I love Anderson. I love my friends. I love my roommates. I love my campus. I am just living it up here.
Here's a recap of the past month or so.
* Rebekah came down to visit and we went to Helen, GA to go tubing.

* got my placement for my LD class
* Dad broke his hip and had surgery--but is slowly but surely regaining strength

* Smoking Pig (BBQ restaurant) for the first time
* Camping with RUF--I got to sleep in my eno under the stars and it was simply wonderful
* Seeing my good childhood friend, Polly, play Jane in Tarzan

* I turned 21 on Monday

* SC state fair with wonderful friends

* Clemson Game (Tigers won even though it was a rough start)
Kelly, Morgan, Haley, me, Ashley, Sarah

Me and Sarah

So thankful for these past twoish months of school. It's been so wonderful and it is starting to get really hectic, especially this week! Trying not to start counting down for Thanksgiving and to live in the moment!!!