It's bout that time again

I've obviously taken a bit of hiatus this summer with my blog. It wasn't intentional, it's just I really haven't had a lot to say. Since my last post I've been to two wedding of my fellow RUFers in Anderson, which was so fun. It was great seeing my friends tie the knot while also hanging out with other friends.

Nate and Julie's Wedding-7/13/13
Stephen and Kristen's Wedding-8/3/13
The middle of July I was given the opportunity to coach the JV cheerleading team at my high school. The squad consisted of 9 girls that were just so amazing. I went into camp sorta blindsided and not sure what I was doing, but I faked it and my girls ended up getting 1st in the week and 1st in their competition. I was so proud! I love going back to my old stomping grounds, especially if it includes cheerleading.

I've been working a lot too. Tomorrow is  my last day, which is super crazy. I felt like summer just started and I was just getting to know them. I've learned so much through them and am really going to miss them when I have to say goodbye tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to see them when I come home for Christmas and whatnot.

Only one more week until I move back to Anderson for the start of my junior year. I am so excited. Well, excited for being in Anderson and seeing my friends, and not so much the school part. It's going to be a tough semester, but I'm praying that I won't be as anxious or stressed as I was last year. I'm excited to get back in routine though and see what is expected of me in all my classes. It's just so crazy that I'm already an upper classmen in COLLEGE!! The time goes by so quickly. I need to start wishing my time away and start really cherishing these memories I'm in the midst of!

Well, that's all for now. My next update will probably be from the comfort of my new apartment bed in the midst of classes, but we shall see!! Keep this upcoming semester in your prayers, it will be tough, but I think oh so good! Hope and pray each one of your is doing well!!