Home Sweet Home

Finally all moved into to the apartment! I got here around 11 on Thursday and starting unpacking! Luckily, Alyssa had been here for a couple days, so her side of the room was already somewhat organized. Adrionna got here Friday and has been slowly sorting her stuff! I am so excited for my junior year! It is definitely going to be tough school wise, but I am excited that I get to live with some of my best friends and serve with RUF!

Yesterday was freshman move-in day. We had to be on campus at 7, but people didn't move into the dorm I was assigned to until around 9:30. It was super fun. I helped move in freshman boys into a basement, so there were no stairs and lots of boys helped, so it wasn't very strenuous! It's always awesome to help and welcome the freshmen as soon as they get to campus, even if it does get a little overwhelming!

Classes start Wednesday, but I only have one at 8 in the morning! So I'm not really that concerned! Be in prayer for me as I get started! I hope and pray all is well with each of you!

Here are some pictures of the apartment, and sorry for the messy room (roomies, not mine :))