It's been ages, I know!!! And I really have no good excuse.

Maymester kicked my butt. I was not expecting all the work that was involved, but I am thankful that I was able to get it all done in 3 weeks instead of 3 months! I learned a lot and was fortunate that one of my roommmates was in the same class, so we got to work on the project together and vent about how much we had to do. But it all paid off when we got to go boating the last day of class.

The next day, I headed up to Charlotte where my mom and I got to spend time together before my dad and Anna Harper came back from Nicaragua. I was able to make a little bit of moolaa helping my mom babysit, which was really nice, and fun. I love those children!

I got to see my little babies graduate high school. Two of these girls are girls who I've mentored since my freshman year. It has been such a blessing to see God's work in their life and in mine through the past two years. They are such lovely girls of God and I wish them the best as they travel onto college!

A couple days later, my uncle passed away. As most of you know, he had been fighting cancer for about 8 years. He fought so hard, but in the end, he could not continue to fight against the FOUR cancers that had overtaken his body. Fortunately, my aunt and mom were able to spend a couple days with him before his passing. While it is hard and so sad for my family, I do rejoice knowing that my uncle fought the good fight and finished the race. He is no longer sick or in any pain and I know he is making the angels crack up telling them jokes!

The weekend after the funeral, Rebekah returned from Thailand and it was SO awesome to see her. While I was at college most of the time she was away, I did miss coming home to her and being able to talk on the phone. She's been home for about a week now and is finally getting readjusted to the time and people and food. We are so thankful she is back!!

I've been blessed to be in a small group this summer. The leader, Maggie, has grown to be one of my best friends throughout the past couple months. She is so wonderful. And I really don't know any of the other girls, we're sort of a motely crew, but I've been blessed to have learned so much. This past week we played paint twister and it was just the best!!

I also started a new nannying job. I watch three of the most precious girls in the afternoons. It's not every day, but it's kinda nice. My mom got me the gig because she use to watch them after school. We go to the pool, have scavenger hunts, play games and just hang out. They are too cute!

And this time next week we will be at the beach! I am way too excited about this! I just can't wait to sit my butt on the sand and not do anything for a couple days. My parents rented a house, so it's going to be the!

Really, the reason I was reminded of my blog was something I was writing for my online class. I'm taking a Christian worldview class and it's almost over (glory, glory, HALLELUJAH!!!) And we were asked to write about our major in college and how it was affected by our worldview and I just wanted to share what I wrote.

"From the age of about 4, I've wanted to be a teacher. I remember lining up my stuffed animals (and sometimes my sisters) and forcing them to play school with me. As I grew up, my passion for teaching grew. I always thought that after college I would return to my homtown of Charlotte and teach at the small, private, Christian elementary school I attended. But during my senior year of high school something changed within me. I felt as though God was calling me to work amongest the least of these. The children that didn't have supportive parents or come to school in BMWs. Slowly, God changed my heart from working with middle class families to families of lower incomes, and possibilies families in other countries. My passion for these children grew as I attended college, studying elementary education and learned more and more about children with low SES and who came from broken families.

Honestly, my worldview has played a huge part in my decision to continue in the field of education. Jesus calls us to be the hands and feet of his ministry, to love the least of these well. While I know that I will not be able to tell the children I teach in public school about my relationship with Jesus, I pray that I will be able to show them through my actions, words, love, patience, joy (as well as the rest of the fruits of the spirit) how Jesus has infiltrated my heart. While I am only halfway done with college and unsure of where Jesus will lead me, I will follow with a open heart. While it may be scary, I know that because of my worldview of Christianity, God is beside me and he will never leave my side."

Blessings to each of you. I hope your summer is going well!