Spring Spring Spring

Hello. Hello. Long time, no talk. I have been so incredibly busy and for no particular reason. March and April are always the hardest months of the year for me. But I'm getting through it!! Guess what?! Only 23  more day until the last day of classes, than just 4 exams until FREEDOM...well sorta. I've decided to stay in Anderson and take a Mayterm for an education class, and then take another class (Christian studies) online until July. So it will be a nice break from regular classes!
Spring Break came and went. I went to the lake for a couple days with some friends and then I just went home. It was so great to see my family and just hang out. Here are some pictures!!

This past weekend was Easter. My family went to the beach on Saturday, and I opted not to go. I know, I know..choose Anderson over the beach?! Well, it would've been a 5 hour drive there, stay less than 24 hours and then drive back 5 hours..too much driving for this chica. So I just stayed at school. I slept, studied a bit, and watched netflix. It was a much needed relaxing weekend. So I am thankful for that! Easter Sunday was such a blessing. I went to the service at my home church here, Living Hope, and then went to lunch at a family's house. It was such a blessing to be reminded about the cross of Christ and how He died for my sins! What wonderful news! I hope that your Easter was a blessing!

Here are some more pictures to let  you see how I'm doing!!
Me and Justin matching at RUF

Easter Sunday best!! (Stacy had to work)

Me, Joy and Bekah just being us!!

In other news, the first day of April has been beautiful. This semester has been filled with so much rain and cold, dreary days. I am so thankful for sunshine and warmth today. I'm praying its here to stay!