Christmas Break

Hello, hello! Long time no talk!

My hardest semester of college (so far) finished on a positive note, all A's! I was so excited. Even though I'm not one who is obsessed with grades, I am thankful all my hard work paid off!

I got home the morning of the 12th and spent the first week or so babysitting. I'm pretty sure the beginning of my break, I spent more time with children under 10 than my own age, but I was totally okay with that. I made some Christmas shopping money.

I have spent more time catching up with high school friends in recent weeks. It's been really nice. I've learned that even though I haven't kept up with a lot of people from high school, I can still call them up and meet up for lunch. I think that's a sign of a true friendship, and I am so thankful I have that!

Christmas came quietly in our home. We celebrated with our church,at a barn in Waxhaw, which we have done every year. And Santa didn't come until noon Christmas day. But none the less, it was nice to have my family together, and not fighting :) Although I do find it sad that Christmas gets less and less exciting each year. The magic is gone, I pick out my presents and there aren't really any surprises. It's sad, and I think it's all happening because I'm getting old *sign*. How sad. Don't get me wrong, I still love Christmas and the whole reason for the season, it's just different these days.

With Christmas over, my family went into packing mode. For those of you who don't know, my sister, Rebekah, was accepted in a program YWAM, which took her to Thailand. She is going to be going to discipleship training school for three months before going to work with children at risk. It's such an awesome opportunity and I am very excited for her! She left with my mom on Saturday night. My mom is just staying until the 10th or so before returning to the US. Right now, they have just rung in the new year (well almost 2 hours ago I guess), but they are probably sleeping. I think they got to Bangkok sometime early this morning Eastern time. Please keep her (and my mom) in your prayers! You can follow her blog here!

I go back to school next Monday and start classes Wednesday. I'm really excited to get back and see all my friends, but not so much the school part. I am praying that this semester will be easier. I think that it will be. Keep me in your prayers as I head back! Also, my uncle is extremely sick with complications from his chemo and my grandmother just got out of the hospital so please keep them in your prayers during this season of sickness in my family!

Until next time!