The Beautiful Reality of Evil

Do you think Satan is beautiful? I bet he is. 
I bet he is so beautiful that he causes even men to stumble. 
think he is so beautiful that you can desperately want him, 
but at the same time you know it would be devastating to have him. 
Isn't that a scary thought? To think that evil is beautiful. To think that we lust after evil.
We usually don't think of it that way. 
We think of it as a dead roach or a rotten apple. 
Revolting, even. 
But what if it isn't? What if it is more like Jessica Simpson or Brad Pitt?
I think it makes more sense that way. 
I mean if evil is ugly then why would we so often give in to it? 
You see, it must be beautiful or we would not even be tempted by it. 
That gives me goosebumps.
Does it you?
It should. 
Because this means that without Christ we would fall so deep into evil 
that we would never be able to come back out.
And I assure you-once you get to know it-
once you get inside it-
once IT gets inside YOU-
Evil is not so beautiful...
not beautiful at all.

by Callie Melton Aug 5. 2005