2 more weeks.

So I realize it has been FOREVER since I've written a personal post. This is due to the fact that I have been absolutely crazy busy. Can you believe that it's almost December? Classes end next Wednesday and I have finals until the next Tuesday. This semester has FLOWN by.
Have you ever seen this picture?

I use to laugh about this, but this semester I realized how true it is. My social life has been lacking. I can't remember the last time I watched a movie or hung out with friends without homework. If I'm not working, doing homework,or driving to Easley for my placement, I am sleeping. I know all this work will pay off in 2 weeks. This time in two weeks, I will just have one more exam left (my easiest one too) before heading back home to Charlotte for a month. I could not be more ready!

One exciting thing that took place earlier this month was playing powder puff. I played in high school, but we were terrible and had no idea what was happening. This time, it was legit. We had practices and positions and plays. I actually understood what was happening (most of the time)! And I now have a new respect for football players; it's so confusing, but also super fun! We won our first two games, but lost the last three. But hey, it's just for fun! Here a picture from our first win!

I just got back from Thanksgiving break, which was absolutely wonderful! This was the first year that it was just my intermediate family at dinner. When I was younger, we alternated between my dad's parents coming over and traveling to Kansas and Maryland to celebrate with my mom's family. In recent years we celebrated with some of Rebekah's friends. But this year, it was just us. It wad nice. We woke up late and had a low key dinner. After dinner, we took naps, played a game of Clue and then watched the movie.
Earlier in the week, my sisters and u went and explored downtown, which was absolutely wonderful. I love downtown Charlotte, and really just Charlotte in general.

But now, it's back to classes and tests and papers. Tomorrow morning I am teaching my lesson to my third grade students. I am excited and nervous, but the class is so great, so I think it will go well. This is in preparation for my teaching audition on Saturday morning, which I am freaking out about. This, along with a number of other things, decide if I get into the education department here. It's a huge deal and I would greatly appreciate your prayers. If I can make it to Saturday night, the rest of the semester should be a breeze (fingers crossed)!!