The big 2-0

Sorry, I thought I posted this earlier last week, but it went to my drafts!!

Well I am officially 20 years old. I have been on planet earth for 2 decades, beat teen pregnancy and am one year from being able to walk into a store and buy alcohol legally...frightening,huh?!

But in all seriousness, my birthday was really great. I woke up to balloons everywhere and after church, streamers joined that crowd. I have the best friends. That night I went to a Mexican place for dinner with some of my closest friends here. It was delicious and I got whipped cream smashed in my face from dessert. So great!

This past weekend I went home for fall break and celebrated with my family. We just went out to dinner and opened presents. It was fantastic.

I'm so blessed with the life that God has given me. It's hard to believe that in 10 years I'll be 30... That comes with the possibility of graduation, first job, apartment/house, marriage and child(ren). That is terrifying. I am enjoying life right where I am now!!