Moving in

Well, here I am. I'm currently sitting in my new dorm room. I'm living across the street from where I was last year. I thought I wouldn't like it as much, but its pretty nice. It is not 100 years old (only 3) but a further walk from classrooms and the caf (maybe 200 steps.)

I moved Tuesday even though classes don't start for another week. The reason for doing this is my responsibility with RUF leadership. Freshman babies move in on Saturday and I am so excited!

I'm having a roommate,Alyssa, this year and I am getting pumped for that! Of course, it will come with it's share of struggles and relearning how to share, but she's an awesome girl. Alyssa isn't coming until Monday so our room is about halfway set up. I don't want to put anything on the walls yet just in case we want to move some of the furniture around. But Joy is staying with me because she is moving into a brand new dorm that is not finished yet! It's been good to catch up with her. There are several RUF girls living my dorm (on different halls) so that's going to be awesome to have them close by (not that Anderson's a big campus anyway).

As much excitement this year brings, it is going to be hard. Besides the academic load, I'm starting a new chapter with relationships. Bryce and I broke up before he left for school (the Thursday before I came) and it's been difficult. It was a mutual agreement, one we did not want, but feel like it's best for situation right now. We are currently not talking, because talking is what our long distance relationship looks like. I am at peace with this situation, but it is hard to deal with stuff without my best friend. Please be in prayer specifically in that.

I know this is a boring post, with no pictures. But I promise that sometime next week I will post pictures and such!