Bucket List

Wisdom teeth went really well. There were no major complications and I am so thankful. Thank you for the prayers!

Around my sophomore year of high school I made a bucket list of things I want to do before I die. While some of them I know are never going to happen (do a back handspring), I'm still wanting to accomplish some. This past week was I able to cross off two!

Last Wednesday, I went skydiving. Wait..what? Did I just say that? Yes, I did. It was crazy. I signed up on a whim, because if I didn't, I would have never done it. I was part of Christ Covenant's college's ministry this summer (18/22) and some people were going skydiving, so I asked if I could join. Of course, they said yes and so last Wednesday we drove down to Chester, SC and jumped out of a plane. And let me tell you, it's something everyone should do in their lives. I am so afraid of heights, but I wanted to conquer this. I also wanted a cool story to tell people when I got back to school. I woke up nervous, but once I got there and saw people coming down smoothly, it took my nerves away. We all went tandem (attached to someone) and my guy was so awesome! It's the most awesome feeling just falling through the air. At one point I was going 120 mph and in 2 seconds went to length of a football field...that is crazy to me. But it doesn't feel that fast when you're doing it. As soon as I landed, I wanted to go again. I do regret not getting my pictures/ video taken. It was $120 more and I just don't have that kind of money to spend. I have the memories that I will cherish!

The other thing I was able to cross off my bucket list was to take a picture with my street sign. My name is Cullen. I have never met another Cullen, let alone see a sign with my name on it.I didn't google it and go on a journey to find it. It's a neighborhood about 5 minutes from my house and I passed the sign a lot, but Monday, my sister and I finally decided to stop so I could have my photo opt. But this street isn't just Cullen Lane..it's actually Kilcullen. It's probably a bad sign when a street sign wants you dead, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Less than a week until college. I'm getting excited, I'm ready to already be there and be settled and be in a routine. I'm excited for having a roommate and getting back with all my friends. I'll probably be back sometime around next week to show you my room and such.