June and beginning of July!

Around this time last month, I left off with Rebekah graduating and turning 18. A lot has happened since then!  

I starting working. I'm nannying for my Pastor's children (12,10,4). They are so sweet and great. I love my job. I'm only working 3 days a week which is really nice. I tend to pick up other babysitting job on the other days or nights, but it's been such a blessing to have such a good job with a family I love! 

We celebrated Father's day. My dad is so great! He is always there for me whether I need a hug or money. I love him so much! We made him a special breakfast :) and then I gave him some peanut m&ms (idea taken from pinterest!


Bryce got back from Europe. He brought back a ton of great stories and pictures and gifts, of course! We really haven't seen each other as much as I thought, with both of us working and balancing our families and other friends, it's been difficult. We also celebrating our year and half anniversary. He brought me flowers and took me out to a nice restaurant. It was so awesome that we got to spend the night together! We started a bucket list for the summer a couple months back and have only checked on thing off (making rainbow pancakes)! We also had a double date with Maggie and Stephen that consisted of paint twister and water balloons. It was so much fun!

gifts included scarf, box, necklace, money and beer shampoo and such

I've been working through my online sociology class. It's really not difficult at all, but finding the motivation to study and such is so hard when I'm not in a school setting. I just finished my last assignment and I have a test next weekend! I'm so excited to be done!

I went to Charleston a couple weeks back with some of my sweet neighbors. Mary and Dave (the parents) worked and met at this camp, and wanted their children to go to it. When the kids are younger, they go to buddy camp with a parent of the same sex. Since they had two girls going, the needed another girl to go with them for their oldest daughter. And being the favorite babysitter that I am, I was picked to go. It was so fun! It was right on the beach so we got to go kayaking and sailing and swimming. We also did crafts and rec hall games and of course there was a campfire. It was a lot of fun. I am so blessed to know this family and spend time with them.

My dad, Rebekah and I went downtown Wednesday to watch the fireworks show for the 4th. This was the view on the way to the park. I love Charlotte so much, I'm so glad to get to call it home!!

I've seen a couple friends and caught up with them, but other than that, my summer has been really chill. I've enjoyed spending time at home with my family. It's hard to believe in a little longer than a month I'll be back at school. Part of me is excited to go back to Anderson and see all my friends and get back in the groove of things, but part of me knows that that means school work and tests and leaving Bryce and work and growing up. But with all that said, I'm really excited to get back to Anderson and start being a leader for the freshman on RUF leadership and just around campus.

One last bit of news, I decided to dye part of my hair blue. I've been wanting to do something somewhat "rebellious" for a while now, and I wasn't feeling a tattoo or piercing, so dying my hair it was! and it was so rebellious, my mom did it. I know I'm totally B.A.  I've gotta put a little more blue dye on it because you can still see some of the bleach blonde! Anna Harper did it with me!

hello blonde.

Keep my uncle in your prayers! He had a tumor on his colon and got it removed almost 2 weeks ago. Pray that his cancer won't spread and he will be able to heal quickly. 

Coming up:
I'm losing some of my wisdom this friday (the 13th!). Pray that my surgery will go smoothly and I won't get any infection or dry socket. I'm extremely nervous because I've never had any type of surgery or anything done in my mouth before!