Happening so far in summer 2012

Rebekah gradated last Friday night! It's incredible that my little sister is a high school graduate and my youngest sister is just two years behind that.

I started work this week nannying for my pastor's three kids. They are so great. I only work three days  a week, but I'm finding out that it may be just enough since I'm taking a summer class and kinda want to have a social life too.

I was able to hang out with  my boyfriend's family the other night. He was still in Europe, so it was just me, his sis and parents. But it was so great! I was able to hang out with his sister, and we made a welcome home sign. After dinner, we sat outside and made s'mores and had some really good conversations. I have always felt a little bit awkward around them, just because I'm not exactly sure how I'm suppose to act, but the past couple months (I rode with them to visit Bryce one time), my relationship with them has grown more and more. They are the sweetest family and have done such a good job in raising their son!

Yesterday was Rebekah's 18th birthday. She also got her license. It's just too much-graduation, turning 18, getting a license..ALL in one week! I had to work most of the day, but we went out to dinner at a Japanese cook at your table place and then back to the house to open presents.

The first month of summer has seemed to have passed so slowly, but recently time is flying. I guess it's all these big events. Tonight my boyfriend comes back from Europe after being gone for 5 weeks. We got back from college and only got to spend a couple of hours together before I had to leave for a trip and he left for his. It's going to be so great being able to hang out the rest of this summer! I cannot wait!

My God is an incredible artist!