Goodbye Pratt 220

Finals are done. My room is all packed up. I am finally home. It's been almost a week since my last final and I am just now blogging about it. It's been a crazy week. My first exams were in the first 3 days, and then I had a four day weekend. It was actually quite boring, filled with packing and studying..well with the excep of mattress sliding! But I ended the year with really good grades! One B each semester and the rest A's. I've never been defined by my grades or cared so much about them, but it's really encouraging to see my hard work pay off.

group of us mattress sliding!

Goodbye Pratt 220

the car was absolutely packed

I can hardly believe that my freshman year is over. It seems like just last week I was graduating high school and yesterday I was moving into my dorm. I remember going into college scared and nervous about the coming year. But God has blessed me so much. I have made such incredible friendships and have grown and matured so much. While there was a period of time where I doubted where I should be in school, but God made it clear. He is faithful and will provide an answer and way. His plan is perfect. It's crazy how he ordained everything and how everything ties into each other. Just the people on my hall and classes. How involved I got in RUF and how each person who came into my life was there for a specific purpose.

I am so glad to be home this summer. I'm nannying for my pastor, taking a summer class, going to a camp with my neighbors and then just hanging out with my friends, family and Bryce. I am so excited! I miss all my friends already, but it will be really good to have some time at home!

Here are a couple of pictures of cute babies :)

ella bean!