Thursday afternoon my family embarked to Arkansas for my cousin's graduation. I was excited, but not so excited. We drove about halfway until about 11:30 Thursday night and then got up early Friday morning and finally got to Conway, Arkansas around 3:30. We checked into our hotel and then went to our cousin's house and then went out to dinner. After dinner we hung out and got ready for the graduation party the next day. Saturday my mom and I got up early to decorate for the party. Spencer's graduation was at 1:30 and only lasted about an hour. It was really nice because it was really boring. The party started around 4, it was alright. It was good to hang out with my cousins and their friends. I wish they lived closer and we got to hang out more often because they really are fun!
paisley and i excited to start the trip
introducing my fam to QT

dinner the first night

us with Spencer's girlfriend

Walker and dad

my mom, me and hunter

me, parker, anna harper, spencer