Almost Last Weekend

This was one of the best weekends I've had in a long while. On Friday, there was a campus wide car wash hosted by RUF and BCM.I was just going along my merry way, washing cars, and Joy went to get her car to wash. When she pulled up, Bryce was sitting in the front seat! He came down for the weekend and surprised me! This was all part of what he likes to call "Shower Cullen with Love Week." Each day he sent me a letter and video. One day she even sent me flowers. Anyways, I was so excited! It's the first time that Bryce had come to down Anderson so visit and meet all my friends.

Friday night we just hung out with some of my friends. We watched Inception, well some of it, but it was just too hard to follow. Then we went and explored the Denmark attic. It was all fun, but I just wanted some alone time with Bryce. So we just came to my room and played card games. After our open hours closed, we went to Java City and hung out. Then to Cookout for a midnight snack.

Saturday, Bryce and I woke up somewhat early and walked to the bagel shop right by school. It was so delicious and it was so so good to be able to get off campus and spend time in the Word. RUF was suppose to have a lake day, but it was kinda cloudy and chilly, so it was cancelled. They decided to have  a game day at a church down the road. We spent most of the afternoon there playing frisbee and basketball, and just hanging out. Then that night we went contra dancing. It was a lot more crowded and so hot than the last time, but it was so much better because I was able to dance with Bryce. I am so glad that Bryce was able to experience some of the "country-life" we have here in Anderson, South Carolina.

Sunday, one of my friends was baptized, so we went to that church instead of Clemson Presbyterian. It was alright, but the best part was the picnic afterwards. It was in the middle of the woods and the food was delicious! I had forgotten how good a home-cooked meal was. After the picnic, we came back to school and did homework. I was so overwhelmed with homework that it kinda took away from our last couple hours together. I am seriously the luckiest girl in the world. I have no idea how I got a guy as wonderful as Bryce, but I am so lucky God placed him in my life!

He left around 4:30. You would think that each time it would get easier, but it doesn't. Every goodbye is hard. And the days following are hard too. But as he left this time, I knew that I was going to see him in a week and a half. It's so close, but yet feels so far. I am oh so excited for summer!

Today is the official last day of classes. But I think I actually had my last class yesterday. Two of my classes for today were cancelled, I had an exam in one and I'm about to have a quiz in my last class. Tomorrow I have two exams, English and Bible. Friday is my Spanish exam and next Wednesday is my math exam, then I'm heading home. I cannot wait, this summer is going to be the best ever! I still have so much to do before next Wednesday. I cannot believe that my freshman year is basically over. It has gone by so fast. I feel like I was just moving in and meeting new friends. God has been so faithful to me this year! Please pray for me as I study for finals and prepare to go back home for summer!