What 75 degrees taught me

God uses the craziest things to teach me lessons. Last week here in Anderson, South Carolina, the weather was crazy. It was cold. It was hot. There were big thunderstorms. There were tornado warnings. I feel like every type of weather (besides snow) went down last week here. But Tuesday and Thursday were simply beautiful. It was at least 75 degrees both of those days. I was so happy when I saw the weather report because Tuesday and Thursday I am finished with my classes at 12:15.

Tuesday, I went down to the intramural fields with Kelsey and Joy. They had brought their homework, but since I didn’t have any, I took a nice little nap. I wasn’t planning on falling asleep, but the warm sunshine made me a little sleepy. It was just a short little power nap, but it gave me just a enough energy to make it through the rest of the day.

Thursday was even better. Kelsey, Joy and I all went back down to the intramural fields. We were going to go to the park down the road, but since Joy had class, she didn’t want to set up her hammock just to take it down a few minutes later. But I still wanted to go, so I went with another one of my friends, Bekah. I thought we’d be out there for about an hour, but I guess I got so wrapped up in my book I didn’t notice what time it was until Joy called asking us when we wanted to go to dinner. 

In the two hours we laid in our hammocks, I was able to finish Kisses from Katie. I had gotten the book for Christmas, but hadn’t had time to finish it. But I highly recommend it to anyone look for a book to read. It's about a regular teenage girl who went on a mission trip one summer and felt God calling her to live over there. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Uganda and ended up adopting 13 little girls. Katie's trust and love for the Lord completely astounds me and is making me rethink my whole life. I don't know how to have a faith that she has. It leaves me in a completely humble state and asking myself how God can use me to further His kingdom.

As I sit back and reflect about the past week, I wonder how I got so blessed with my life. I am so blessed to be attending college, a Christian one at that. I’m blessed with amazing friends and family.  I am blessed with having amazing weather. So often, I’m complaining about the weather. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s been raining for too long. I think that last week God got my attention with this beautiful weather. He made me realize that something as simple as the shining sun can teach us the awesomeness and wonder of God.

On a side note-only 3 more days until spring break! it cannot get here fast enough! I'm so excited to see my sisters, parents, babies and puppies!