Spring Break 2012

Spring break could not have come at a better time. I was so unbelievably ready to be home, see my family, sleep in my bed, cuddle with my dogs, and spend time with the babies. So by the time March 7th or 8th rolled around, I was zoned out-completely on Spring Break time, it didn't help that the weather was so beautiful.

So needless to say, when Friday afternoon came, I was ready to get going. My mom and Anna Harper came and picked me up around 2, we stopped a couple places along the way home, so we didn't get home until around 5:30. After dinner, I went to a CDS girls' soccer game and locked the keys in the car, which was so frustrating, but it ended up being a-okay. I got to see some good friends I graduated with (Jessie, Jessica, and Ashley), it was so good to catch up with them.It was wonderful getting to sleep in my own bed and to sleep in. The weekend was kind of dull, full of errands and lounging around, which I really enjoy doing. My cousin came up for a couple days, so it was really good to see her. Sunday, I went to church at Five Stones and it was really awesome. We had communion and afterwards, we split up into prayer groups. It was just so amazing to really feel the presence of God that morning and see how He was working in our church.

Monday, I finally got to see my babies. My mom started taking caring of two new babies. One is 4 months and the other is 2 months. They are so cute, I just love infants-holding them, feeding them, and how they fall asleep in your arms. I took Rebekah lunch and visited some teachers and such. Tuesday basically looked the same, but I took Anna Harper lunch. Funny story- I had taken her Chick-fil-A and last year they changed their ketchup packets to the ones that look like little bottles. Well anyways, I was sitting there messing around with one of the packets and Anna Harper said, "Watch out, it might explode." And I said, "I think it would be kinda funny if it did." And I kid you not, less than 10 seconds later, the ketchup exploded all over my newly washed jacket and hair. I was slightly annoyed, but it ended up being really funny. Tuesday was the last night my cousin was there, so we had a family dinner and played a game, it was really fun.

Wednesday, I had jury duty. A couple weeks ago, my mom called and told me I had a letter from the Mecklenburg Sheriff's Department. I know I hadn't done anything wrong, but I still was nervous and told her to open it. It said that I was summoned for jury duty on March 14th. Right in the middle of  my spring break, of course! I woke up at 6:15, I seriously don't remember the last time I had to get up that early. But my dad and I were able to get breakfast before he took me down to the courthouse. And it ended up not being that bad. I sat in a room with 90 other people waiting to be called. It was kinda nice to just sit there and read or watch a movie without anyone having to really bother me, which sounds weird since I was in a room with so many people. We had over an hour for lunch, so my dad and I grabbed lunch at Showmars, it was really nice to catch up with him and spend time with just him. Right after lunch, they called another 25 people, and of course my name was the last one. I was so nervous. I had never done anything like this before and so I had no idea what to expect. They took all 25 of us into a courtroom and picked 12 from that group (I wasn't in the original 12), then they dismissed 3 of those 12 and called 3 more to fill their spots. I was picked. I had to fill out a questionarie for the lawyers and as I handed it to the deputy my hands were shaking. The lawyer was really nice and asked me some questions, but I ended up being dismissed. I had to go back into the waiting room and sit for another 2 and 1/2 hours. And I missed the free popcorn, I was so bummed! It was actually an interesting experience. I'm glad that I got to serve my county and I actually have an interesting story to tell when someone asks what I did over spring break..and I also made $12, which is more than I would have gotten sitting at home. That night, I went out to TCBY with one of my friends from high school. Emily is so amazing and I loved catching up with her. Her family recently adopted their 5th children from China. It was so wonderful to hear all about her and her family. I am so thankful that I have friendships that don't require us talking every single day, or week, but yet are so fruitful and amazing when we do finally sit down! It is such a blessing!

Thursday was an exciting day too! My high school small group leader moved to Davidson (45minutes from Charlotte) this fall because she got married. My friend, Ellie and I, drove up Thursday afternoon and saw her new house and grabbed lunch with her. It was so good to catch up. She also showed us around Davidson (which is where she works for campus outreach.) It was so good to see her and Ellie and just catch up about our lives. Friday, my mom and I went shopping for a little bit and then just ran some errands. It was nothing too exciting, but it was good to spend time with just her and no babies.

Saturday,  was probably the best day of spring break. I woke up at 5:45 because I was going to surprise Bryce at Covenant. They were having a Spring Formal that night. Earlier in the week, I had told Bryce that I wasn't going to be able to come, but little did he know that I already had a plan. The weekend before (when I had bought my dress), I had also bought a tie that matched it. I sent it back to Covenant with a mutual friend, Bradley, along with money for the tickets. Saturday around 12:30, Bradley went up to Bryce's room and told him to open the tie and go to overlook because someone was waiting to see him. The funny thing is, is that I didn't know exactly what time he was going to be out there, so I stayed in the car waiting until Bradley texted me, so by the time I got up there, Bryce was standing there and thought that Bradley was playing a joke and just wanted him to go to Formal...boy was he in for a nice little surprise! I got him so good! That afternoon, we hung out in downtown Chattanooga, just looking at all the little shops and enjoying the weather. Then we went back up the mountain and got ready for the dance. We met some of his friends at Chili's then went to the dance. It was at the art museum, so we walked around a bit,neither one of us care for art that much, but it was still interesting to see different people's view on things. Then we swing(ed, swung..i have no idea) danced and later it was just normal dj techno music. It was really fun and I'm so glad I got to spend a night with him and meet some of his friends.
lunch in downtown Chatt

Sunday, we got up for church the next morning then went to breakfast and left around 11:30. On the way back, we stopped in Atlanta to see my uncle. It was really good to see him. It feels like forever since I last saw him. He is so interesting and always has the best stories. I made it back to school around 5:15. It was good to be back,but also a little strange. I felt like I had been gone for such a long time. It  took me a while to unpack everything, but I finally did. I put up mostly all my winter stuff and brought out some springy dresses. I'm glad the weather is warmer now, although I am sad it didn't snow.
beautiful sunrise Sunday morning!

Tomorrow it will only be 2 weeks until Easter break and after I return from Easter, I think I only have 2 more weeks of classes then finals. This semester has flown by so quickly. I'm trying to enjoy it, but it's hard when I am so busy with tests, papers, and just life. I can't wait until summer. It is going to be so great!