Valentine's Day

So I know I am posting this late, but it's because I didn't want Bryce to see any of the thing I did before he got them!! I love being creative and homemade gifts and Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to do such things!

First I sent him a card in the mail. I had made these over Christmas, but I figured now would be a good time to send one! I just drew a heart on the outside and poked holes through at different points and then just weaved the thread through!

This next idea I saw on Pinterest, so I can't take the credit. But I bought a deck of cards and wrote out 52 reasons why I love Bryce. Then I hole punched the side and put a string through it to make it like a book. I also glued a little picture on front. I pleased with the result, although some of my handwriting turned out really poorly.


One example
Then I saw this other thing on pinterest. I thought it looked cute and you were suppose to use a sewing machine, but who has one of those. So I cut out 4 hearts from wax paper and decided to hand sew them together. It took so  much longer than I thought, but I guess they turned out pretty well. Before sewing the whole thing up, I filled one with sweetart conversational hearts and the other with red m&ms (I picked them out of the Christmas ones I had..sshhhh)!

Next I made a card out of scrapbook paper. The front is just white with the out line of red hearts. And for the letters inside, I used a cricut to cut out I love you and a heart. I taped it on some yarn I had and hot glue it to the paper.

Lastly, I had to put everything in something to give to him. So I did my favoritest thing ever!! Modge podged! We had a little fair the other day for the clubs at Anderson and someone gave us a box of filled with things, so I used that and cut out little things to decorate it with!

I'm also making Bryce a CD because I never made him one for our anniversary, whoops! Although I'm sad I'm not spending Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, I am so glad that I'm getting to go up there this weekend and spend time with him. We just get to celebrate it a little later than everyone else, hey all the candy will be on sale :)

*I wrote this last week, but I was able to give Bryce his gift and I think he really liked it!


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