After about 6 weeks apart, I finally got to go up and see Bryce! This past weekend was parent's weekend and so his family swung by Anderson Saturday morning on the way. We got to Lookout Mountain around 2:30 and decided to go to the aquarium. February was half off for college students so actually the whole family got to go for half the price because of us! There were two different parents, the ocean and river. Here are some pictures, I stole from Brittany's facebook, my camera decided to break..

First getting there!


jelly fish

weird sea horse

me and Britt inside the tank!

Afterwards, we went and grabbed pizza and returned to the college. Bryce and I hung out with some one his friends (and some of mine from high school). We watched Monster's Inc and then went and got food. I was planning on leaving the next morning after church, so Bryce and I stayed up until 5:30 just hanging out and talking. It was wonderful.

love this one!

Sunday morning, after about three and a half hours of sleep, we woke up and went to church.It was really good, but I was more distracted by the fact that I got to spend so little time with him and I was leaving so soon. Well, it's a long story, but it ended up working out better that I stayed until Monday afternoon. So after church Sunday, we went out to lunch at this burger place called Cheeburger Cheeburger (it was delicious!). Then Bryce and I worked and afterwards we played Settlers of Catan with his family. That night, we only stayed up until 2ish because he had class in the morning.

Monday morning, Bryce wanted me to go to his classes with him. Thank goodness he had a test in his 8 am because I was so not getting up for that. I went to his 10 o'clock class, Minor Prophets of the OT and then to chapel at 11. There was a pastor from Africa that came and spoke, so Bryce went and had lunch with him, leaving me all by myselff :( It was okay though because I studied for my Spanish test. Then we just kinda hung out until his next class, New Testament, at 2. We thought that I would be leaving around 3, but things happened and I ended up leaving around 5. I got back to Anderson around 9:30 that night. Thankfully, we missed almost all the Atlanta 5 o'clock traffic.

this one he's looking and I'm not

this one i'm looking and he's not..

I had such a blast and I am oh so thankful for the Stout family. They are so sweet and I'm blessed to know them.  They treated me as a part of their family. On the way back, we were all laughing about something and it hit me now much I missed my family. It was so good to be in a family type of setting again.


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