Lookin Forward to the Weekend!!

It was my first week being back at AU. And it was pretty good. Friday night there was an open mic in Java City (the coffee shop on campus). It was really good, it was everything from poetry reading to Adele to Pokemon to Fresh Prince of Bel air. It was fun. Afterwards, I stayed with some friends and we played the Game of Things and Fishbowl. By the time we finished I was exhausted and ready to hit the hay.

Saturday, my mom came up for the day. We searched on the web for things to do in Anderson, SC and guess what came up? A goat farm. So we went. It was about a 20 minute drive, but it was really interesting to learn about the different types of goats and what each one does. Then we ran errands to the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby and ending up eating at the Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It was so yummy. After dinner we came back to my dorm and did some stuff on the Cricut (a machine that cuts out shapes and letters). We had a good time and my mom left around 8.

Sunday, I went to NewSpring with Kelsey and our friend Brooks. It was a pretty good sermon about why we need to read the Bible in order to know God more fully. I have been to NewSpring several times, but it's just not my favorite. It's too big and I feel like I'm just a number being pushed through a crowd. I skyped Bryce for almost two hours (we had a lot to talk about) and then I went to home group. It was he first time I had been, some girls from RUF invited me. It was at a house not even two minutes from school. It was with a church called New Covenant and had a young married couple with a baby, an older couple, 3 recent college grads and then 3 college students. We had dinner and fellow-shipped then worshipped and had a little Bible study. It was really good and I want to go back soon.

So that was  my weekend. Next weekend I'm going to Charlotte for an RUF leadership retreat. We are staying in the church that one of my neighbors is a pastor at. I'm excited to be back in my hometown. We might be going and hanging out at my house and taking showers and such. I can't wait!!