So close...

This week was my last week of classes! I had classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I cannot believe that the semester is almost over! I have an exam Monday morning and one Wednesday morning then I get to go home for over a month! I am so excited!!

This week has been filled with craziness and Christmas spirit. I love it! Monday night, I went to a RUF gift exchange. We got dessert, sang Christmas carols and exchanged gifts..I stole a Chili's giftcard, but it was stolen from me :( So I ended up with Raisinets and a sonic giftcard (not too shabby).

A couple weeks ago we pulled name for a Secret Santa gift exchange with my CORE group. I got a guy, and I am horrible at picking out gifts. I just went to the Dollar Store and filled a stocking with tons of goodies! I got a card game and Target giftcard! I love card games and Target so that was just perfect!

Last night, we had a small group Christmas party and decorated cookies and talked about Galatians (what we studied this semester). Afterwards, we had a dorm meeting about packing up and such, then hall meetings. I stayed after the hall meeting and just hung out with some of the girls on my hall and my RA. It was really good because I haven't really gotten to know many people on my hall, including my RA.

And since I dont have an exam until Monday, while all my friends are studying, I have been cutting out snowflakes. I want to decorate my door, but I didnt want to do it Christmasy since we wouldn't even be there. So I'm just cutting out snowflakes and will do something with them. But I can't stop making them, it's so addicting.

The on top of all the Christmas parties I've had it's two of my best friend's birthdays this week! One's is today and one's is on Sunday. Tomorrow I am going to Traveler's Rest (30ish minutes away) for her birthday party. It should be fun! I have no idea what I am going to do without these girls for a whole month, let alone when they leave me next week (I have one of the last exams and they are all done by Tuesday)! I am so blessed that God has placed such great friends in my life during my first semester!