Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

So I haven't written much the past couple weeks. I got home the 7th and it has been wonderful. I got home a week before most of my friends and my sisters were still in school, so for the first week I helped my mom out with the youngins and took my sisters lunch at school. I looked for a job to keep me occupied over Christmas break, but sadly nothing turned up. But I've gotten some good babysitting in and now I'm dogsitting, so it's all worked out!

Bryce and I celebrated our one year. December 14th was our anniversary, but because Bryce had two exams that day, he wasn't going to be able to make it home until Thursday. I was sad, but we planned our all day date for Friday. So what if it was 2 days later. Wednesday night I went to my youth group's talent show and guess who showed up?! My boyfriend. I was seriously so stunned. I couldn't believe it. I just stood there in shock and confusion. But that was seriously the best surprise ever! I am so blessed to have him in my life. Friday I took Bryce out to breakfast and then we went and walked on the greenway. We went out to lunch and then had to take my grandmother to the doctor. We sat there for 2 hours before going back to my house and making dinner. We made fettucini alfredo and for desert we made fudge and this pumpkin stuff. It was so good!

And then last Wednesday my baby sister turned 16! I cannot believe it. It doesn't seem like she should be this old, then I remember that I'm 19. I dont know how that happened-I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that we were playing in the sprinkler outside. Oh how I miss childhood.  But anyways, my mom wanted to surprise her with a trip to Great Wolfe Lodge. If you dont know what Great Wolf Lodge is, it's an indoor waterpark and there is a hotel you stay in. It is a little young, but it is so much fun. We took two of her friends and stayed Wednesday night. I had a lot of fun!!

Christmas came quietly this year. I still don't feel like we even had Christmas. My church does our Christmas Eve service in a barn which is so nice. It's cold and a little smelly, but it reminds me of how my Savior was brought into the world. I can't believe our King was born among swine and cattle, and wrapped in rags. I cannot even imagine Mary's pain and joy that night. It really helps me put things into perspective and reminds me of the real meaning of Christmas.

We don't have any major traditions for Christmas. None of my family lives close so it's always just us for most holidays. But what my sister's and I do is all sleep in one room (usually mine) and listen to Adventures in Odyssey. It is seriously the best and I love doing it. I think it started when we moved into this house. I was in 1st grade I think and we moved in right before Christmas, since none of our stuff was moved into rooms and such we all sleep on our mattress in one bedroom (now Anna Harper's). ) I might totally be making that up, but it's such a vivid memory.

Two weeks until classes start. This break has been so good. I've really enjoyed catching up with friends and just relaxing at home. I really don't want to go back to school, but I am excited to see all my friends! Be in prayer for me as I enjoy these last two weeks and prepare to start a new semester at school!

*sorry for no pictures, I'm on the family's mac and it doesnt have a thing for the memory card!!*