Birthday Surprises

Two of my best friends here had their birthdays this week. Kelsey's birthday was Thursday and Joy is today. A couple weeks back Joy's mom texted me asking if she could send money so we could buy Joy a birthday cake and have a little celebration. Of course I said yes and Kelsey and I got to planning a little surprise party. Last week when I came back to school Joy said that we should make Kelsey's a cake and make it a surprise. Which was awesome, but now I had two little surprise parties in my head and it was hard to keep them straight.

Classes ended Wednesdays so Thursday after lunch, Joy and I went to Publix to get cookie dough to make a sugar cookie cake (we told Kelsey we had to go to Wal-Mart and she had to study anyway). We bought the stuff and since my dorm doesn't have a kitchen we went to one across the street. It turned out perfectly and we stealthily sneaked it back into my dorm without her seeing us. That night she went out to dinner with her family and Joy texted her saying she locked herself out of the dorm and she was in my room, just to text her when she was on her way. She got back to school and came in my room and SURPRISE!! It was only us and one other girl from down the hall, but it was a nice little party and the cake was delicious!!

Then Friday, Kelsey and I had to get Joy's cake. Joy was in an exam when we left, but we were nervous she would be getting out while we drove up and she would see the cake. Luckily, that didn't happen and the cake was (again) hid safe and sound in my room. 
master piece!

Friday night we went to a bonfire for Kelsey's birthday at her house. It was fun, really low key. It was nice to eat food that wasn't the from the caf!

At the bonfire!
This is at Kelsey's house..we didnt make it cake!

Joy and I came back to AU around 3 Saturday afternoon. I was so excited for the party that night. Kelsey, Joy and I were going to some friend's house to have brownies and celebrate their birthdays, but it ended up working out nicely because at that time people were going to our dorm to surprise Joy (I had given the cake and a key to some girls down the hall). We got back to the dorm around 9:15. I was really nervous and about to burst out laughing before Joy opened the door. But I held it in and saw a very confused, flustered Joy. There were about 6 or 7 people in her room to celebrate her birthday. I'm so glad that it all worked out! 

 *Sadly I don't have a picture of Joy's cake or any pictures :( *

I do have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for keeping the two surprises straight. Both Kelsey and Joy would tell me "They have no idea, this is going to be so great." And I would just smile and think to myself, "Well neither do you!" I have been blessed with such great friends!!