Hilton Head

Since beginning here at Anderson, I have gone to RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). There is a group of freshman that meet every Friday called CORE.  The purpose of the group is to prepare us for leadership for the following years. This past weekend we went on a retreat to Hilton Head. Our leader, John, has a condo up there so it was perfect.

Our group is the biggest group yet. There were 11 girls that went and 7 boys (there are actually a couple more that are a part of CORE, but weren't able to go). The girls were split into 2 condos and the guys stayed in a church down the road. One condo was used for preparing and eating the meals and the other was used for most of our gatherings.

We left Anderson around 3 on Friday afternoon and got to Hilton Head around 7. We had BBQ sandwiches and hung out before singing and praying for the trip. That night we all went to bed around 12 since we had to be at the church for breakfast at 9. 

Saturday morning the girls piled in our cars to eat pancakes at the church. After pancakes, we had our first devotion about the fall and how sinful we, as humans, really are. After that, we headed back to the condos to get ready for the beach. The weather was perfect. Some of us took a walk down the beach and then we played volleyball. It was so fun. Then we had Italian beef sandwiches for lunch. They were delicious! After lunch, half of us went to the indoor pool and half went back to the beach. The pool was really nice and so was the hot tub. Around 4, some of us went up to shower before dinner because we knew there would be a rush (4 showers for 20 people). Then we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. After dinner we went back to the church to make cookies and have our night session. We sang for a while and then John talked about grace and what they means for us as Christians. We sang some more and then just hung out. It's been a long time since I laughed that hard. A small group of us played some games-Never have I ever, tap out, and Silent Football. I can't really explain the last one well, but you aren't allowed to show any expression or laugh. And as we all know, everything is funnier when you're not allowed to laugh. We left the church around 12:40 and got slightly turned around at our condo. But everything turned out fine. My room started to clean up a bit and ended up talking until around 2:45. 

We were suppose to meet for breakfast at 9 on Sunday. We slept until 9 and then joined the rest of the group. After breakfast, we had a Sunday service about drawing near to God and then we had to clean the condos. We left around 11:45 to go to lunch. It was so yummy, but expensive so I split a sandwich with someone. We got on the road around 1 and got back to Anderson around 5:30. 

After dinner in the caf, I came back to my room and did nothing. Bryce called me around 8 and we talked for 30 minutes and I decided to take a little nap, thinking I would get up around 11 and get ready for today. Well I woke up at 4:30. I wasn't tired so I unpacked, packed my school stuff and just goofed around on the computer and eventually fell asleep around 6. My first class today wasn't until 11:20 so I slept until 10:45. It was so great! 

2 more classes until Thanksgiving. I am so excited. I am so beyond ready to get home. I miss everything about it. Bryce and his parents are coming to pick me up around 12, I cannot wait! This is going to be such a good week!!

PS. I don't have any pictures from the trip, so I might add them later if someone puts some up of FB