Wedding Bells

This weekend I was able to attend my high school small group leader's wedding. It was amazing. Kristen has been my small group leader since the end of my freshman year. She has come to be a woman that I have grown to love and respect. She has been open with us (her small group) about her times of singleness and how God has worked through that in her life. So last fall when she told us she was dating someone we were convinced they were going to get married. We joked about it, but deep down I think we all knew it would happen, and guess what? It did.

In December, we had our annual small group Christmas sleepover. We begged Kristen to invite Bill over for breakfast the next morning so we could finally meet him, so she did. Then we found out that Bill just had a birthday, so we rushed to Walmart to get balloons and streamers, we were calling this breakfast  Belated Birthday Breakfast Bash for Bill (BBBBB.) Sadly, he called that morning saying he couldn't make it because he was sick. We were so bummed, so we started to clean up and there was a knock on the door. It was Bill, he didn't want to disappoint us so he came with a mask so he wouldn't make a sick!

As the year went on, we told Kristen that we had to be the first to know when she got engaged (after her family, of course!) We even joked that while he was still on one knee she had to call us. I was coming back from the beach and I started to receive a picture message. At first, I thought it was kinda strange that Kristen would send me one, then it hit me. It was a picture of her ring. I screamed and then called all my friends to see if they had gotten it too. I was so excited. My small group planned a surprise bridal shower the next week in small group. 

The week before I went off to college, my mom and I threw Kristen a wedding shower for all the girls in the youth group! It was so much fun!

Then this weekend was the wedding. It was amazing. I was so excited to see all the hard work that had gone into it, the dresses, the flowers, everything that Kristen had told me about. As Kristen walked down the aisle, I looked at Bill (actually it was a glance because I couldn't quite see over all the people) but his face, I cant even describe it. He was so happy. I know Kristen was too, but I couldn't see her face. As they walked out of the church, their smiles could have lit up New York. The reception was fun and filled with lots of laughs and fellowship. It's been such a blessing to have known Kristen all this time and see her through this journey. Bill is such an amazing guy (I personally think that all guys should mentor under him and learn how to treat a girl [i am not saying that Bryce isn't just as perfect, but it never hurts to try and be better :)]) The way that he has pursued and loved her has taught me, as well as the rest of my small group, how girls should be treated. I have been so blessed to know Kristen and through that gotten to know Bill.  They are a couple that I have grown to respect and admire. I wish them both the very best :) I can't wait until the baby shower :)

newly weds :)

sad that kenz, em and abs couldn't make it :(