Last night, Joy and I were hanging out with a girl, Alicia, from our hall. Her roommate and suite-mates were all gone for the weekend so she decided to prank her suite-mates. Her plan was to stack plastic cups filled with water in their closet so they wouldn't be able to get in it. We were just there for moral support. Alicia got them stack pretty high, but still had a lot more to go. We had just been sitting there talking and Alicia checked her phone. Her suite-mate texted her saying she was almost back to school. But she had sent it almost 30 minutes ago. We all jumped up and ran around trying to get everything cleaned up. Joy had gone back to Alicia's room to close the propped door and say the suite-mate fumbling with her keys. She went and grabbed Alicia and we closed the door between the rooms. We were trying to act normal for when the suite-mate came in and when she did, she had Joy's key in her hand...Now, Joy and I don't really know her. So when she asked who's keys they were Joy awkwardly said they were her's. She also said there was a power cord in her room too. Alicia went to grab it and we tried to sit there with straight faces. We decided to stick around and see if she would open her closet. She did. Although slightly annoyed she laughed and promised to keep it up until the next day so Alicia could finish and prank  the other girl. I am thankful that no one is able to get into my room and prank me (even if it is in good fun!)

Closet Door-all finished!